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How many One Dollar bills does it take, to equal a “Ton of money”?

How much money is a ton of one dollar bills?

Question by Arbuckle Doc: How many One Dollar bills does it take, to equal a “Ton of money”?
I’ve heard this phrase, most of my life, and I’m rather curious; just how much is a “Ton of money”?

Best answer:

Answer by warren1515
As much as it takes to weigh 2000 pounds!!

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2 thoughts on “How many One Dollar bills does it take, to equal a “Ton of money”?

  1. Each paper bill (like a one dollar bill) weighs a gram. There are 907,184.74 grams in 1 ton.


    It would take 907,184.74 one dollar bills to equal a ton of money.

  2. A one-dollar bill as all other American bills weighs approximately one gram.

    An American ton is equal to 2000 lb or 907.18474 kg. It would take 907 184.74 U.S one-dollar bills to make a ton.

    A metric tonne is exactly 1000 kg and 1 000 000 U.S. one-dollar bills would be needed to make up this weight.

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